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Saan makakarating ang sampung piso mo? Hakot all you want! Bring your UGLIEST AND DIRTIEST shoes and avail our UNLISHINE! Shine all you want for only Php10.00.

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  1. The heels of my shoes are too high, can you shorten it?
    ANS: Yes. We can cut it but the height will depend on the style of the shoes.
  2. The sole of my shoes are slippery, what can you mend it?
    ANS: Yes. We can install protector to your soles.
  3. What type of shoes do you dye/color?
    ANS: leather shoes.
  4. I want to change the color of my leather shoes, is it possible?
    ANS: Yes. We can dye your shoes from a lighter to a darker color.
  5. My shoes are a bit tight, do you do shoe stretching?
    ANS: Yes. We can expand the width of your leather shoes and it takes about 24 hours to do it.
  6. Can you cut the heels of my stiletto?
    ANS: Yes. But it depends on the make and style of the shoes.
  7. My kids love  cartoon characters so much and they want to put it in their towels and clothes, is it possible?
    ANS: Yes. Just bring your items and we will embroider it for you.
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