About Mr. Quickie



MR. Quickie started when Mr. Emiliano R. Caruncho III noticed that a number of shoe cobblers was around in a famous mall way back then. He then discovered the need for highly skilled restorers of shoes and bags. At that time, shoe cobblers were found mainly on the streets or near public markets. They were seen lugging around with their box of tools peddling their shoe repair services to people on the streets. They were the only people then who can repair the shoes. But Mr. Caruncho’s main concern was trust and craftsmanship on how to meet the customers’ expectations and to surpass it… can a good craftsmanship gain the respect and trust of the people? And can a simple repairman be trustworthy of repairing an expensive item? These were uncertainties that Mr. Caruncho encountered. The need for skilled shoemakers was evident and the idea was further reinforced by the existence of shoe repair shops around Asia and Europe. The notion of a repair shop with trustworthy staff possessing exceptional shoe repair skills working to extend the life of shoes was developed. It was then when Mr. Caruncho established a Shoes and Bags Hospital. The concept was not new but the idea to professionalize the industry was. A repair shop that you can be trusted with a legacy of good craftsmanship in quick and very accessible way that can be found in one place with one name. He called it MR. QUICKIE. In 1981, his determination was tested when his first shop at Harrison Plaza was burned. He still pursued his vision believing it would serve every Filipino. For years, Mr. Quickie has become a household name. For shoes and bag emergency, the name every Filipino knows is Mr. Quickie. His apparent value for the customers and employees is one of the factors of his success. In 1995, the leadership was entrusted to his son, Mr. Emiliano Caruncho IV. That was when Mr. Quickie aims to expand its number of shop by awarding franchisee to deserving Filipino entrepreneurs. The number of the shops continued to multiply and helped many entrepreneurs through its franchise program. Today, it has reached more than 200 shops nationwide and still continuously growing. As Mr. Quickie continues to innovate and meet the needs of its loyal customers, new services were added: rubber stamping, embroidery, and clothing. The introduction of these new services made it happen that Mr. QUICKIE is not just your number 1 “Shoe Repair Shop ng Bayan” but your “One Stop Quick Fix Shop”.


To provide quick, useful, innovative, convenient, practical, affordable, superior and world-class quality products and services that use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology for competitive advantage.

To achieve awareness and availability of our products and services at convenient and accessible locations all over the Philippines.

To be an organization that cultivates a culture of Total Quality Management achieving the highest standard of quality in our products, services, structure and business processes.

To be an employer of choice fostering a culture that values total quality, hard work, innovations, empowerment, respect and service to its customer.

To be instrumental in enriching the quality of life of our employees and uplift and dignify the profession of a Q-repair man. To maximize creation of wealth, value and satisfaction for our franchisees and owners.


To be the premier provider of quick, useful, innovative, convenient, practical, affordable, superior and world-class quality products and services that will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction available in convenient and accessible locations in the Philippine and in Asia.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2000 - Franchise Excellence Award
    Most Promising Filipino Franchise of the Year
  • 2002 - Year Ender Excellence Awards
    Top Innovative Business Venture of the Year
  • 2002 - National Consumers Quality Awards
    Most Outstanding Shoe Repair Shop
  • 2003 - 11th Philippine International Franchise Conference & Expo
    Best Decorated Booth
  • 2003 - The 18th Annual National Consumers Excellence Awards
    Outstanding recognition of exemplary contribution to the economic progress of the Philippines and ingenuous service to consumers
  • 2004 - National Consumers Quality Awards
    Most Outstanding Shoe Repair Shop
  • 2004 - Philippine Business Excellence Awards
    Recognition of excellence in promoting product quality and consumer services
  • 2004 - Consumer's Choice & Dangal ng Pilipinas Annual Awards
    Most Outstanding Repair Services Company

Social Responsibility

"Your pair of shoes can change someone's life, Share your soles and walk with them to right path"

Driven by our mission we will reach out to kids nationwide and be able to:

  • Spread learning through exposures to various fun-filled learning activities such as proper grooming
  • Give joy to kids by giving a brighter step to their future thru shoe donation
  • Engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future