Products and Other Services

MQ Horse Hair Brush

Made of genuine horse hair fit for mesh, suede, nubuck, delicate fabric, leather shoes and bags!

MQ Nylon Brush

Made of nylon material, perfect for rubber and canvas shoes and bags!

Rubber Stamp

We make all types of marking needs, signatures and texts,
corporate logos, personalized designs and graphics.

Gadget Case Holing

Maximize the focus of your gadget’s camera and get that perfect angle in every picture. Our gadget holing can install or adjust the hole for your case.

Watch & Sandals Strap Holing

Get that perfect fit to be hip. It’s just one hole away.

Power Cleaner

A non rinse all purpose cleaner for shoes or bags made
with suede, canvas, mesh, rubber, nylon, satin, leather, nubuck, plastic,
vinyl, linen, cotton & other textile. This product does not contain harsh
chemicals & will not affect color & texture of materials.