Leather Shoe Repair

They say that a great pair of shoes can make everything all right that is why most of us have a special connection with our shoes. Shoe repair is an art expressing creativeness and craftsmanship. Through it, we can rekindle the glamour of the shoes, save money from buying a new one, save time for looking a new one that fits, and it also relieve your stressed feet.


We are applying a firmer fix on the reglued areas through stitching. Though sometimes, some soles are not designed to be sewed, the result is still creditable because of the detailed and delicate work of our expert shoe repairman.


We can cover the shoe flaws with style. Various workable materials are already present in our shop. We can patch your shoes with consideration to its material, color, and style.

Install Protector

This additional feature of the shoes is highly recommended for slippery soles. It is also fashioned to protect your new soles. Protected new soles can last longer and maintain the style and comfort of your shoes.

Rubbershoe Repair

We understand your love for rubber shoes that’s why we also upgraded our services to accommodate your repair demands to your favorite rubber shoes.


This is the most indemand repair services for rubber shoes. To ensure the quality of regluing, we are using our own shoe adhesives plus the expertise of our repairman in regluing your shoes seemless as possible.

Sandals Repair

We are an advocates of comfort that’s why we like to make your sandals more comfortable than ever.

Install Protector

We empathize with the daily hurdles that you and your sandals go through in a day. One of these is the dilemma of slippery stairs or floors. This pure rubber sheet is design for the protection of your soles and for the absorption of friction. In the picture, we used our red protector symbolizing the contemporary woman with the attributes of energy, passion, and action.

Replace Toplift Chapa

Your worn out heels signify the active you. The busier and more active you get the faster your heels worn too. In support to all the strong-willed women, we are replacing the screw heels with the guarantee of quality, security, and durability.

Sandals Insole Replacement

Blemishes in the insole of your sandals represent your determination. To keep you inspired, we replace the insole of your sandals using durable materials fit to your taste and budget.