Shoe Repair

Yes, we can shorten it but the height of the cut will depend on the style of the shoes.

Yes. We can install protector to your soles. It will prevent you from slipping and it can prolong the life of your soles as well.
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Yes we can dye leather, nubuck, suede and fabric shoes.

Yes. We can expand the width of your leather shoes and it takes about 24 hours to do it. It will be expanded up to 0.5 cm.

Yes, we can replace the screw heel of your stiletto shoes. We have different sizes readily available for your shoes.

Bag Repair

Yes, the best way to repair it is by replacing it. We can provide a strong wheel and install it firmly.

Yes. We can replace it with a better and stronger material. We are going to use a material made of leather and rubber. The combined characteristics of the materials can support the weight of your bag and make it stable for a longer period of time.

Yes, we have variety of lining materials that you can choose from that can fit to your budget.

Yes, we can repair the zipper of your bag. We have variety of sizes and colors of zippers to choose from.

Yes, we can replace the strap poly canvas and leather straps.

Yes, bag sewing is one of our specialties. We can sew your bag with the thread of your choice.

Yes, we can patch your bag just choose from the variety of materials to be used then leave the stitching and gluing to us.

No. Chipping off is an indication of expired synthetic or man-made leather and cannot be treated.

Key/Locksmith Services

Yes. Requirements must be presented first before you avail this service.

Yes, we are specialists when it comes to re-keying. We can make a key similar to the original or make a new key.

Yes we can. We can also change the combination of numbers of your lock.

We can open door locks, drawer locks, mail boxes, padlocks, sliding doors, glass doors, shutters, motorcycles, cars, and even vaults.

Yes, we can duplicate even its broken as long as the cut of the blade is still workable.

Alteration Services

Yes. We have variety of lining materials that you can choose from.

Yes. You may bring your own accessories or you can choose from our wide range of materials.

Yes we can patch it. We can provide a cloth that’s suit to patch your jeans.

Yes, we can change the zipper of your skirt. We have variety of colors for you to choose from.

Embroidery Services

Yes, we can. Just give us a digital copy of your logo preferably jpeg file. There is a programming fee that will depend to the size of your logo.

The charge will depend on the size of your design. If your design is within 0.1inch to 2 inches the programming cost is P800.00 plus P80 each embroider, but it will be waived if your order is 20 pcs or more.

You can visit our branches at: Ali Mall, GCC, Imus, Manhattan, Market! Market!, and New Port or call us at 0917-8878425.

The programming will take 2-3 days while the completion the embroidery will depend on the number of the items.